JEBLANC: Jeniece Blanchet.

Jeniece Blanchet, the curator and creator of JEBLANC, is developing a brand that is relentlessly itself.


ig post from @jesuisjeniece


JEBLANC currently offers two items the “FASHION IS THE FUTURE” and “HUMILITY IS THE FUTURE” sets. Neither piece can be put into a single category. They are necklaces/belts/body chains/ bag accessories/ and anything else you can think of, and that is the beauty of the brand. It has no limitations. It has no fear! Similar to that of its creator, Jeniece Blanchet.


from left to right., ig:  @ceemonaco  @liormeiri  @jeblancisalive


Her style is representative of the story being expressed by the brand. It declares “The future is now, so grab your safety pins and cowboy hat! We’re going to that party!”



ig post from @jesuisjeniece


The accessories have been seen on numerous platforms thus far, such as the MATTE BRAND NYFW Runway Show (collection review viewable here) and the PrettyLittleThing starring Ashley Gram Red Carpet event.

We wish JEBLANC much success and are highly impressed by the brand as a whole. 


ig: @jesuisjeniece

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