37 Of My Favorite Looks From the Spring 2019 Couture Collections.

Viktor & Rolf

Victor & Rolf are known for their avant-garde designs. From the designer’s giant bobble heads strutting the runway in the Fall 2017 runway show to this year’s full tulle dresses featuring massive blurbs in the couture collection, Viktor & Rolf always get a conversation started.




Olivier Rousteing. BRAVO! We have been watching Mr. Rousteing for nine years. Falling in love with his work more and more each season, but this collection has taken that infatuation to new heights. I am impressed by this collection more than any of his previous works because I really can see the vision. I can see the research, the time, the mind power, and the physical labor in all of it.

img_1037 2img_1038 2img_1039 2img_1040 2img_1041 2img_1042 2img_1043 2img_1044 2img_1045 2


Guo Pei

“The Palace of the East isn’t only a building but also refers to women, because in Chinese culture you have different sayings about women in palaces. It also refers to the outfits and garments women are wearing in these palaces. And you’ll see it in my collection, which reflects all these outfits and garments. As for the people in the Audience.”

– Guo Pei in an interview backstage before the show began.




Valentino is a classic brand we all know and love. Paris’s haute couture season was closed out by Valentino this year which says a lot about the power of the brand as a whole. The runway show itself was about “more than just the clothes” as creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli exclaimed before the show began. It was truly a fantasy that included movement, silhouette, and one especially familiar face.



Alexandre Vauthier

LEG! LEG! LEG! Alexandre Vauthier uses this sort of imbalance to create these top-heavy illusions that I adore. The collection is seductive and adorable at the same time. The juxtaposition has been executed in a marvelous way.



Iris van Herpen

The queen of 3D printing, Iris Van Herpen, creates the quintessential wearable art. Her designs are the most innovative and advanced creations as of today in the fashion industry. She uses technology to create fashion without incorporating the actual technology and that is the point of it all in technological art. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wear a television on my t-shirt. That is not fashion advancement, it is lazy design. I have digressed away from the original subject matter but you know where I stand. Overall, we are overly fond of Iris van Herpen’s designs in this collection.




Cowboy boots and feathers are right up my alley! This collection is something I relate to on a personal level. It reminds me of childhood innocence and childhood fearlessness. The quirky and eclectic collection really just puts a smile on my face!

img_1097 2img_1099 2img_1105 2img_1108

img_1101 2

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