Snark Park X KITH.

The Snark Park X KITH preview exhibit was an exceptionally Soho type of experience. As we arrived at the store an hour and a half early we were informed that the first 50 people had already claimed the free Snark Park totems. Nonetheless, we still had the opportunity to preview the exhibit. But not without waiting outside in the 13-degree weather for two hours. Plus, while waiting in the line we were approached by a journalist and given an on-the-fly-interview about the event (I would link the interview/magazine but sadly I don’t remember the name).

The Snark Park X KITH preview exhibit was well worth the wait.


The preview was held on the second floor of the storefront. It featured four totems all representing something different. Most art is prohibited to touch but Snark Park asks us to “Please Touch the Art”. Additionally, KITH offered everyone attending the preview a free milkshake!

The event was one for the books!

You can view the full Snark Park X KITH exhibit in March & April.

Tickets purchasable here.

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