Here kitty kitty!

Are kitten heels back?

The sources are saying yes! Teen Vogue Volume VI has recently released a four page spread on the political and fashionable importance of the kitten heel. Women more so now are reaching towards comfort over style but a kitten heel is is an excellent way to do both.

We purchased these golden kitten heels from Barney’s and added a touch of fur for that wow factor!



Monica Pointed Kitten Heel Boots available at TOPSHOP.

SHANGHAI Kitten Heelgives a more edgy look to the classic kitten heel available at ASOS.

Sling Back Kitten Heelis great for the office and could be styled for a night out with the girlsavailable at ZARA.

High End.

Slash Heel Pumps this Balenciaga Heel is timeless and a worthwhile investment!

Spice every girl needs a Manolo Blahnik in her life and that’s fact!

Sling-Back in Red Patent Leather I couldn’t create this list without incorporating a Dior! They always kill it in the Kitten Heel game!

Torey E McCall

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