The Beginning.

Feather Mini Skirt and Matching Black Bedazzled Bustier.


Bedazzled Bustier features side zipper along the entire length of the piece. It fits sizes small/medium.  

Feather Mini Skirt features a middle back seam 7-inch zip and an elastic waistband. It does have some stretch and fits sizes medium to large.

Tan Fur Pencil Skirt.


The tan fur pencil skirt features a side seam zipper approximately 14-inches long.

In the left image, the fur is photographed without flash vs the right image with flash.

The skirt has no stretch and fits as a medium.

Sheer Black Pant.


The Sheer Black Pant features an invisible zipper.

The pant is sheer in its entirety. In the photograph above the pant is paired with a sheer body suit.


Torey E. McCall