Kinky Boots.

This look took my heart. I've been craving thigh high red boots since June, and now they're finally mine! I felt like a crime fighting super sexy Cat Woman meets Mulan.

Opening Night.

Tonight was opening night for Ragtrade Atlanta. This is going to an amazing week, I can't wait for the show. Dress// H&M Shoe// Steve Madden Bag// Tiffany & Co.


Jacket// WranglerBelt// Off-WhitePant// NYDJ®Sneaker// Adidas Originals

Fashion Collabs 2017.

Converse X Tyler, the Creator This collab is something we all saw coming. Converse is a brand that could do no wrong they are truly a classic shoe. As for Tyler the Creator he is a real out of the box unexpected guy. So as for this combination I'm here for. Adidas Originals X Alexander …