Original Designs.

Newest to Oldest Works. 

A happy client in the custom silver Razor Dress.

Feather Skirt I made for a homecoming dance. All feathers were hand stitched.

This is a beautiful pant I did for New Years Eve. This fur skirt I created gave me all kinds of millinial bear vibes. This piece hasn’t yet been styled, but it’s a black high slit skirt I created. A real 90s Mariah Carey moment. This risky, yet not at all shirt was a really simple and fun project. These shoes were so cute and simple to create, yet so chic! This sexysmexy look was originally a conservative dress, with a completely different vibe, and I altered it and simplified it greatly. I absolutely love this sweatshirt, I really turned it into an edgy for street style look. This two piece is still one of my favorites, I mean just LOOK AT THESE PANTS! They were so fun to make, and time consumingThis striped two piece was really cute, and a fun summer look. 

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