Rose Petaled Nights🌹

Who says lingerie should only be worn in the bedroom? I've turned this delicate two piece dress and robe into a nighttime dinner look. Slipped on a pair of jeans since it was a bit chilly out. Robe & Dress// Victoria Secret Jeans// Topshop Shoes// Unrequited Boutique Clutch// Bebe Phototography. Robin  @thyrobin

Always Working. πŸ“ž

A business call has never stopped an impromptu photo shoot.  p.s. Are we all noticing this pretty little blue tone on my nails, it's the new color of the spring. I'm calling it.  kimono // Aged Find jeans // Topshop shoes // HerStyle magazine // Teen Vogue

Unadulterated Rockstar.

This look was so fun, I based it all around the thrifted football jersey. I turned a pretty unconventional piece into a real maybe I'll call you, maybe I won't type look. jacket// Harely Davidson Motorcycle Jacket top// thrifted Football jersey  underwear// American Apparel  pants// boutique  bag// Kate Spade  shoe// MIA bracelet// Louis Vuitton  shades// Dior 

City Life.πŸ“žπŸŽ₯

        I haven't spoken to you all in a while, but hello and I've missed you!  I just wanted to show you some of these fabulous photos. What am I wearing? I'll tell you.  Dress: H&M Coat: Old Navy (ikrπŸ˜›) Shoes: New Balances  Backpack: Forever 21

Summer in February? β„οΈβ˜€οΈ

So it's pretty warm today, but tomorrow it'll probably be freezing so here's an outfit for those winter days that remind you of the summer. Jacket: Ci Sono Shirt: Calvin Klein Skirt: Banga Shoes: Steve Madden Inspired (online purchase) So I'm wear this really cozy white leather jacket which is great, because white is definitely …