Who are you?

Torey E McCall, a fashion philomath. I’ve been running LYMBRITH since 2014. I see beauty in all forms of artistic expression, but I do favor haute couture. Most notably Dior. The brand has a timelessness about themselves​ that I admire. I will be relocating to Midtown Manhattan in the Fall of 2018 attending LIM College. I’d describe my style as show-a-lot-of-leg-accentuate-the-waist-add-a-lot-of-glitter-and-make-all-eyes-on-you. I believe the first step towards a great look is copious amounts of self love​ and that is apparent in all that I do.

IG: @mccalltorey /@lymbrith

TW: @mccalltorey

TM: @lymbrith

Why the name LYMBRITH?

I was typing the word LABYRINTH. Which in Greek mythology is an elaborate structure designed by the artificer Daedalus for King Minos, but I typed it wrong and it said LYMBRITH.


email// lymbrith@gmail.com


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