Broadway Comedy​ Club

The Broadway Comedy Club located on 53rd and Broadway offers a free comedy show every Sunday night. The show features all types of comedians from those who have been in the game ten plus years and those just getting started. Sunday night, January 20th, I experienced the comedy club for the first time and I was highly impressed. The show’s host was hilarious and kept the everything running smoothly. He may have even been the best comedian of the night!

That atmosphere is casual. If you are wondering what to wear I would suggest something simple but cute. No sweats but jeans are okay. This location doesn’t require a heel or a freakum dress, but if you feel so inclined to throw on your finest clubwear it wouldn’t be out of place. The photo opp chances are there, but limited. I would recommend the stairwell or underneath the neon sign outside.


The show was broadcasted as being free however as New York City goes nothing is actually free. The club has a two-drink minimum for anyone watching the show. The drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic the choice is yours.

The multileveled club has about two shows going on simultaneously every three hours. You could start your evening early with an 8 o’clock show or have a late night laugh during their 11 o’clock show.

Some of the featured comedians during the show I checked out were Chris Murphy and Erik Bransteen. These comics have been featured on Saturday Night Live, The Late Show, and more… Their sets had some of the audience rolling out of our seats. Overall, I would highly recommend checking out the Broadway Comedy Club any night of the week. They are open just about every day and offer “free” and ticketed shows nightly.


Broadway Comedy Club Info:

318 W. 53rd St

New York, NY 10019

☎️: 212-757-2323




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