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Makeup Artist.

Jackie Cruz

IG// @makeupbyjackiecruz          TW// @makeupbyjackiec

Jackie Cruz describes her makeup aesthetic as very soft feminine glam. The makeup artist believes everyone posses a natural beauty about themselves, but with the help of makeup, she enhances that natural beauty into something so much more.  Jackie says she sees the charm in every client she has, but what she loves is making them see it in themselves.

All forms of makeup truly fascinate Jackie Cruz, and she’d like to learn more about the different types. From editorial makeup to special FX studio makeup. Although Jackie does prefer softer glam looks she has an appreciation for all forms of the art.

In five years time, Jackie Cruz would have completed her artistry program in California and would like to begin hosting makeup classes. She’d like to share her gift of doing makeup with others. Jackie enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and special makeup techniques with many. Furthermore, Jackie would like to open up her own makeup studio.

Dayja Billingsly 

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IG// @dayyjaa               TW// @_dayja_

YT// DayByDay

Dayja Billingsly is a makeup artist based out of SSU and she travels to you. What is unique to Dayja Billingsly’s makeup aesthetic is that she not only dabbles in the world of makeup, but she’s also a painter. Dayja enjoys playing more on the creative side, so she stays away from the traditional ways of doing makeup. She also says that being a painter has taught her to have an extremely steady hand which is exceptionally important in doing others makeup.

For Dayja the power of makeup is what truly fascinates her. She says makeup can enhance your natural features or make you look like an entirely different person. Both are great, and Dayja plays on both ends of that makeup spectrum.

In five years time, Dayja would like to own her own makeup studio. She would also like to have her own makeup line that would include a vast range of shades. Available for all skin types. Dayja most importantly sees herself being happy.

Yuliza Contreras 


IG// @glamstylebyyuli             TW// @glamstylebyyuli

YT// GlamStyleByYuli

Yuliza Contreras is an Atlanta based makeup artist and she travels. Currently, Yuliza has many loyal clients and the one thing that is unique about her artistry is that she always adds that extra glow to her looks. Yuliza stated the importance of building strong client/MUA relationships.

For Yuliza something that fascinates her about makeup is the way that it makes people feel. All of Yuliza’s clients leave her chair with a huge smile on their face. Along with makeup Yuliza also works in the world of YouTube. The beauty guru most recently began a new channel with two of her friends.

In five years time, Yuliza Contreras sees herself opening up her very own Glam Shop. She would also like to start her own cosmetic line and become a major beauty influencer in the industry.



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