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MJR Sneaks

“Myles Ramos”


IG// @mjrsneaks & @ramosmyles

MJR Sneaks is a sneaker resell business ran solely by Myles Ramos. The entrepreneur began his business in the summer of 2017 after a life-changing week spent in New York City, New York. During that week he met several business-minded individuals all young and fairing well financially. So the original intent of MJR Sneaks was simply a way to make money, but soon Myles found a real love for the sneaker culture and the streetwear influence on high-end fashion.

In five years time, Myles Ramos is not certain he will still be in the sneaker resell business however he’d still like to have a heavy hand in the world of streetwear. Possibly even starting his own collection. Nonetheless, the most important thing that Myles Ramos has learned from it all is “If you believe you’re right, don’t let anyone tell you differently”. 

Ma3ic Closet 

“Juliana & Savior”


IG// @ma3iccloset & @julianacthlna & @saviorsteele

Ma3ic Closet is a streetwear reselling brand co-owned by Juliana Dasilva and Savior Steele. The duo will also be opening a blog site to the public in the near future. The site will be home to the latest fashion, music, and sports updates. Essentially Ma3ic would be a place for all creatives despite their differences to come together in order to share their ideas, goals, and interest. Ma3ic Closet is an Instagram based business reselling exclusive streetwear pieces from brands such as Supreme, Nike, and Palace.

In five years time, Juliana and Savior will have the name Ma3ic be internationally known. The two would like for Ma3ic to be a culturally inclusive site. A place where you would know what was trending in Hong Kong, China even if you were located in Rome, Italy.


“Tina John”

image3 4


IG//@tinajohn_           TW//@itstina

Unlashed is an eyelash extension company created and ran by Tina John. The entrepreneur says that the best thing about her job is the way she makes her clients feel after they’ve left her lash studio. They walk out with a surge of confidence. The lash technician, Tina John, says that being able to enhance someone’s true beauty is an extraordinary experience. Tina genuinely loves playing in lashes and the fact that she has turned her passion into a successful business is something everyone can take inspiration from.

In five years time, Tina John sees herself taking a career in Public Relations. Whether it be in the fashion, music, or sports industry Tina says as long as she is surrounded by positive people she will be happy.


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