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Benito Longoria


IG// @benitql       TW// @bxnito

Benito Longoria’s artwork stems from his disconnection in a traditional school environment. He took that situation which could be perceived as a negative and manifested it into his distinct art style. Benito created “A world I’d feel more comfortable in”.  A world where many originators would feel more comfortable. His artwork combines childlike elements and sophisticated paint strokes; the artist’s work gives you innocence and torment all at the same time all in the best ways.

Benito Longoria describes his art style as being mostly realism with elements of surrealism and abstraction. His goal with each piece is to express it in the most mystifying and honest way possible.

In five years time, Benito Longoria sees himself creating his own universe. Throughout the span of five years, he will gain knowledge and experience to make that dream a reality. He would like to do various projects with A$AP Rocky and GOLF. In everything he does, Benito will always view himself as a student because he shall never stop learning.


Siana-Lee Valdez




IG// @saucyysiiana      TW// @sauceyy.siianaa

Siana-Lee Valdez says her artwork derives heavily from her spiritual background and open-minded perspective of the world. She views the world as an endless possibility which reflects highly in her pieces. Saucy’s choice in vibrant colors, unexpected pattern mixing, and texture sets her work out from the rest. She dives deeply into her thoughts and imagination when creating. Siana-Lee Valdez chooses not to just accept the reality given to her but instead “Creates her own Reality“. 

Siana, an observer of life, identifies people’s hidden intentions through their words, facial expressions, and body language. That is what her latest project includes. Three individual paintings all representing the personalities of humanity. The “Sleepwalker”, the “Seeker”, and the “Fronter”.

In five years time, Saucy will be twenty-three and be living in her New York apartment. Still growing. Still creating. Still loving life. Siana-Lee would like to dabble in film, music, and photography. Her true goal is to inspire, and that she will/ is doing every day.

Alexis Denis Hicks


IG// @a_denicee & @lex_pressions

Alexis Denis Hicks has an eclectic and eccentric style of artwork. She says she tries to remain in a renaissance-esque style of the free nipple movement. As an artist, Alexis doesn’t do it for the shock value but for the natural beauty and art form in and of itself. She considers her work blacstract.

Alexis Hicks finds inspiration in movements such as Black Lives Matter and has been following the movement since it began in 2013. She quotes Tina Lawson when describing her emotions towards her work “It’s so much beauty in being black., and I’ve always known that”.

In five years time, Alexis Denis Hicks sees herself and her brand prospering from the hours of prayer and dedication put into her work. Lexpressions will be a well-known brand name amongst peers, selling prints and painting all over the world.

 August Dunson



IG// @august_writes     TW// @augustwrites

August Dunson’s style of work is described as simple and clean with aspects of wild color and shapes. She’s an illustrative artist with abstract influences. Currently, August is experimenting with her artistic style and has a heavy hand in the world of poetry. That work can be read on her site August Writes Blog. 

The portrait piece of George Stinney Jr photographed above was heavily influenced by the work of Vik Muniz. August Dunson stated, “[Vik Muniz’s] portrait really moved me and imprinted the story of George Stinney Jr in my mind forever so I knew I had to create something telling his story”.

In five years time, August Dunson would like to have her artistic style cemented down and work be well known. She hopes to have her art be on view in galleries, art shows, and collaborations with designers to have her art printed on clothing.


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