Reasons to Love a Red Lip.


The Red Lip is dated way back to the sixteenth century. Worn by Queen Elizabeth I, she sported the look with a pale powdered white face. Guess she wanted to keep a simpler look. More recently known for the bold lip are women such as Marilyn Monroe, who popularized the Red Lip in the 1950s. Hot Spot, I’m declaring it Tracee Ellis Ross is attempting to make the Red Lip her signature. She has worn it to the last four major events she attended The Golden Globe Awards, Marie Claire Mag Image Makers Awards, and the Blackish Stage Interview.


A Red Lip compliments all skin tones. Red is available in a wide variety of shades and because of that finding, the right stick for you is a breeze.

Get the LOOK.

Wicked Blood Red Lipstick, available by  LIME CRIME.

56 Rouge Charnel, available by CHANEL.

Stunna Lip Paint, available by FENTY BEAUTY.

Sex Appeal.

Nothing screams sexy like that of a Red Lip. It is undeniably alluring while also keeping a bit of mystery. “You want me, but you could never have me”, confessed the Red Lip. Become a Woman to Watch due to the confidence instilled in you by your lipstick.  She is powerful and with power comes great responsibility.


“Can you handle the Red Lip?”

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