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Independent Photographers.

Miles Cordell Berry

IMG_4713 2


IG// @milesberryvisualss       TW// @mbvisuals3

Miles Cordell Berry best known for his detailed portrait shots says he loves shooting any and everything that catches his eye. When asked why he delt so heavily in portraits he exclaimed, “there is no feeling compared to that of capturing an individuals emotion, range, and unique God-given facial detail through my lens”. Berry says photography brings him pure joy.


The photographer says he is most inspired by other creatives in this same field. Miles Berry sees the work of other lensmen and he tries to replicate them because in order to be great you must learn from the great. After mastering another’s shooting style that is when he goes in and turns it into his own. He claims not to be a miracle worker but his work says otherwise.

In five years time, Miles Cordell Berry sees himself being in high demand due to his photography skills. He’d like to be networking worldwide and expanding the company to something far greater than ever imaginable. Berry will be creating never before seen works and styles that’ll be known for a lifetime.



IG// @thyrobin      TW// @thyrobin

Robin, a New York City-based photographer, describes her style of shooting as a mix of high fashion and edgy/grunge looks. She gets inspiration from the music she listens to and envisions different ideas in her mind later bringing them to life.

Not only does music inspire Robin’s work but the people in music. Their different flows and original styles give her the creative energy needed to produce such magnificent work. Artist such as Kid Cudi whom Robin stated will always be a source of inspiration and more so lately Roy Woods and Rixxky Bands.


In five years time the photographer, THYROBIN, sees herself owning a creative agency. She’d like to give more creatives the platform needed to do what they love with the right people behind them.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Julian McCrory


IG// @steez_thekid      TW// @steezinbelize

The Rhinestone Cowboy better know as Julian McCrory specializes in landscape and nature photography. He seeks thrill in not knowing what his lens will capture next. Julian describes the experience as a breathtaking excitement full of mystery that is all around oh-so-captivating.


” To a photographer, the art of taking a photo is much more than just point and shoot. Photography to me is taking your camera and making it apart of you, bringing it everywhere you go, always searching for the details we often tend to overlook in our everyday lives. Or the excitement when waiting for that moment you’ve been so eager to capture. These things are what make photography so amazing. When the entire world is essentially your workspace you have a lot to use as inspiration. I find my inspiration is waking up wondering what greatness I will capture that day because every day we wake up and travel into the unknown. The world we know is always on the move and changing so even tho we have plans and routines doesn’t mean the unexpected won’t happen because it will. And as a photographer, that means I will always have a reason to have my camera. There will always be something on the horizon waiting to be captured.

In five years time, Julian McCrory sees himself traveling full time and capturing unforgettable moments.

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