RAGTRADE ATLANTA 2017 Runway Show.

Shop Newde.

The New Newde opened the RAGTRADE ATLANTA Runway Show. This seasons designs were sexy and elegant. Marsha Chin-Glover says she got her inspiration from various cultures. Her pieces showcase women’s bodies as art, love, and sex appeal.

Tracy Nicole.

Tracy Nicole was the second collection to show, and she surely impressed. The designer stayed true to her simplistic and classic design aesthetic. The side ponytail with wire wrapped detail was an excellent touch.


VIZUVLGVDŠ is a minimalistic designer who really has no gender boundaries. His pieces are industrial and structured, but still add a feminine touch in the women’s pieces. The designer tailors each look to perfection. Bravo.

Natt Taylor

Natt Taylor is an Atlanta based fashion designer whose collections captivate every season! This years collection really showed off her attention to detail. The gowns were incredibly embellished and the draping was sublime.

Sylvia Mollie

Sylvia Mollie’s collection this season was entitled STORM. A few of the looks had raindrop detailing which was a great touch. Beautiful construction overall, and I was incredibly impressed.

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