Torey. Speaking on Systematic Change. 

Conversation is not enough. At this point we need systematic change. We need motivated beings pushing for what’s right. We need our people in office delegating laws. With over 50,000 gun related deaths in America last year. It’s never been more clear we need gun-control laws. It’s always been clear we need gun-control laws. An occurrence like Orlando happens every few months, and we talk and talk without making any actual change. A few weeks later the conversation dies, and what are we left with. We need to get to the senators the mayors the governors. The people you voted into office. And, why did you vote them into office, because they were supposed to be the voice of the people. Because, they shared your common views. But, once they’re actually elected nothing is being done for the people! We’re tired of all of these falsified figure heads doing nothing for the people. It’s all talk. The people are tired of all of this talk, we need action, we need change. And, we can create change. Power comes with unity of the people. So, I urge you to get together with friends/family/strangers and discuss what differences you want to see and go get them. It’s never been a better time for change, it’s always been the right time for change. 

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