Puerto Rico 🌊🌞🌴

   So this trip was really fun! We went to the beach, shopping, and dinner. I don’t have pictures of most of the outfits I wore in P.R, but the ones I do have pictures of I’ll show and tell you about them. 
 This outfit was super fun to wear. I just went to the mall and the beach in this. The halter top really gives me the island vibes! 

Hat- Liz Claborne πŸ‘’

Halter Top- Urban Outfitters 

Shorts- Thrifted (Liz Claborne)   This picture is just super cool! It isn’t even really an outfit, but it’s awesome because the melanin is truly popping severely! I was just on the beach in this fit, and took the picture when I went back up to my hotel room. 

Bikini Top- Forever XXI 

Pants- American Apparel 

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